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AppCab is TAXI booking service provider. It has two applications, one is for Drivers and one is for Passengers, combines the interests of drivers and passengers together. Allowing drivers choosing the passengers and their destination, instead of wasting time searching in street to find passengers so they can save their fuel and save more money. It allows the passengers to search for the nearest taxi and communicate directly with drivers, without feeling bored of waiting in the street for a long time. Also, getting a taxi even if the passenger is waiting in the areas far away from taxis.

  • Easy to Use
  • User Friendly
  • Secure Application
  • Modern Design


Use the app for free, to receive and send requests to passengers according to the destination you prefer. AppCab providing the best services which help you to make your life easy.

  • Start by saving fuel

    Instead of wandering the streets empty looking for passengers, Park your car, open the AppCab application, then search for nearest passenger's location.

  • Increasing level

    Completing more trips, and conveying passengers to their destination, will increase your level, and will Increase the probability of sending passengers requests to you.

  • Track trips

    After completing every trip, your trip will save automatically in your trip records with all information you need in the future.



AppCab app shows you the nearest taxis so you can get a ride within few minutes, provide your feedback and rate your taxi drivers, check all previous trip records and track your friends live location, All features in AppCab app.

Get Ride in 2 Click

Search and pin your destination, write your destination name and click find taxi.

Find Nearby Driver

explorer driver rate and level to get best ride with expert driver in AppCab

Track Your Driver Live Location

track driver live location while you waiting and you can to contact him

Safety Ride

Share you live location to your family or friends even if they don't have the application

How it works

Always here to help you, visit our help center to learn more about AppCab applications and solve any problems you encounter. This website will help you find assistance and information for both the applications i.e. Driver App and Passenger App.

Contact Us

Let drop a line to us & we will be in touch soon. We are trying to improve the service we deliver to our customers. One of the most effective ways we have of identifying improvements is by listening to your views and opinions.

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